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Endorsed by such respected educational organizations as the American Association of School Administrators, National Association of Secondary School Principals, National Parents Teachers Association, Council of Chief State School Officers, National School Boards Association, and America’s Promise, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) has been an acclaimed youth leadership program since its inception in 1958. HOBY’s unique youth leadership development programs are designed to prepare youth to become effective, ethical leaders in their home, school, workplace and community.

Don’t let your students miss out on this valuable program that has educated and motivated more than 355,000 high school students! HOBY is confident you know at least one 10th grader with demonstrated or potential leadership skills. Show your students you care and will invest in their future. Begin by registering a sophomore for your local HOBY Leadership Seminar; or find out more before registering.

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Improved critical thinking skills

By presenting multiple viewpoints on important issues, HOBY encourages participants to evaluate all issues from a critical perspective. Effective leaders make informed decisions. Connector.

Enhanced leadership skills

HOBY’s phase-based curriculum, question-and-answer sessions with community leaders, small group discussions, interactive activities, hands-on service-learning experiences, and opportunities to engage in leadership roles enable participants to better understand leadership and begin to identify your own particular leadership strengths. Connector.

Developing goal-setting skills

All aspects of the HOBY Leadership Seminar are geared to encourage participants to see leadership as a life-goal worth pursuing. At the conclusion of the HOBY Leadership Seminar, participants are encouraged to identify personal goals and commit to achieving one or more within the six months that follow.

Realizing the importance of leadership

Through HOBY’s Leadership for Service program, particpants are challenged to complete 100 hours of service in your communities and to create service opportunities for others.