2024 Staff Applications

It's time to apply to serve on staff for HOBY Ohio West 2024! We've got plans for an outstanding seminar already underway, and we look forward to having you join us at ONU this coming summer!

There are a few details to be aware of before applying:

  1. By applying for the Ohio West Seminar, you are agreeing to serve in whatever capacity you are needed. We try our best to give everyone their first preference, but sometimes need to make changes to your role.
  2. The seminar will be held June 6-9 at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio. You MUST be able to attend the seminar in its entirety from 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 7th until 6 p.m. Sunday, June 11th. The inability to attend the entire seminar will affect the capacity at which you are able to volunteer. Please let us know if there are questions in regards to the requirement.
  3. Applications are due December 31st.
  4. Staff training will be mandatory for first-time staff (details TBD). We are planning for some virtual trainings in advance of the seminar this year!
  5. 2023 Ambassadors must complete 100 volunteer hours prior to the seminar to be considered. You can log these hours on HOBY's site
  6. All Junior Staff (under 21) must provide $175 to cover their expenses while at the seminar (feel free to fundraise for these costs)! If this is an issue, please reach out to us.
  7. HOBY 2024 will have a plant theme, "growing into leadership"
two staff members

There are two separate links for applications as seen above. This is separate from the HOBY national application. A link to the national application will be sent once staff decisions are made.