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Alumni Frequently Asked Questions

- The Alumni Association is a vast network of HOBY OW ambassadors who are automatically enrolled into the program once they complete the seminar. So if you've already completed your seminar, congrats! You're an official member of the HOBY OW Alumni Association!
Make sure to follow us on all of our social media pages, as shown on our home page, to get news on region-wide events, special offers, or even potentially participate in IG story posts! You should especially follow our Instagram (@hobyohiowestalum) as we post there more than any other platform!
By being an active member you will get to connect with other alumni members and can stay up to date with any events that we host, whether they be region-specific or OW, region-wide events. We also hold monthly virtual and the occasional in-person meetings to discuss how we want the association to look and how to keep our alumni active and engaged in all things HOBY OW.
- You can get in contact with one of our advisors by sending an email to You can also get in contact with other fellow alumni members by joining our alumni's GroupMe group chat.

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