June 8th – 11th, 2023

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HOBY means there is hope in the world because leaders are found in unknowing teens around the country and world.
Jennifer Schaller, Perrysburg HS, 2015 Ambassador

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The Ohio West HOBY seminar is embarking on a campaign to ensure every school has the opportunity to send a student to the seminar and that the programming over the four days remains at a high level of impact. We are asking alumni, volunteers and parents to sponsor one student through this year's program for $200; towards the cost of meals, housing and programming materials.

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More than 4,000 committed HOBY volunteers plan and execute HOBY programs each year, serving both at the local HOBY affiliate level and on HOBY’s Board of Trustees. Due to the selfless efforts of volunteers and the contributions of generous donors, more than 9,000 students participate in HOBY programs annually.

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Any questions can be directed to the Leadership Seminar Chair for the upcoming seminar.

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