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Ambassador Sponsorship Campaign

Whether your HOBY experience was as an ambassador, volunteer or as a family member, we can all look back and know what these four days mean to the student ambassadors and for some, how it changes lives. The Ambassador Sponsorship Campaign is your opportunity to give this experience to one particular sophomore from your alma mater, current area school or any school in need.

Help us ensure every school has the opportunity to send a student to the HOBY Ohio West seminar this year! Sponsor one student through this year's program for $200 — 100% of your donation goes toward the cost of meals, housing and programming materials.

Submit payment online via Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal:

Send a check through the mail:

HOBY Ohio West is a program of Routes to Success, Inc.

Please make checks payable to Routes to Success, Inc. and send to:

Routes to Success, Inc.
PO Box 283
Bellefontaine, OH 43311

Sponsorship levels:
Group Sponsor ($2000): Sponsor an entire group of 10 students
Ambassador Sponsor ($200): Sponsor one student through the seminar
Half Ambassador Sponsor ($100): Co-sponsor one student through the seminar
T-Shirt Sponsor ($75): Cover the costs of all shirts for one group
Plate Sponsor ($35): Cover the meals for one student for a day
General Sponsor (any amount): Help HOBY Ohio West be able to impact next year's ambassadors

THANK YOU to all of our recent sponsors - HOBY could not happen without your support!

Adrienne Randall
Allison Schaeffer
Amanda Barger
Amy Crittenden
Anastasia Sobotka
Ashley Shelton
Becky Burns
Benjamin Osterloh
Bri Twigg
Brooke Donaldson
Bucyrus Kiwanis Club
Cassie Kurtz
Cori Garrett
Deb Buehler
Elana Zalar
Emily Buehler
Epiphany Community Services
Isaiah Shalwitz
Jakob Plummer
Jamie Hart
Jed Thorp
Jeff Schlaudecker
Jerrod Amstutz
Jessica Haushalter
Joan Haushalter
John Laisure
Kirsten Gardner
Lawrence Lesick
Lawrence Miller
Liz & Ara Bartemes
Maji Zuwa, Inc.
Marcie Rotblatt
Marvin Rotblatt
Melissa Rotblatt
Nate Overmire
Nick Dominique
Nikki and Dave Haushalter
Noreen Murphy
Patricia Swanson
Robinson Fin Machines
Sherri Haushalter
The Schaller Family
Tom & Carlene Pendleton


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