Ensure every school has the opportunity to send a student to the seminar! Sponsor one student through this year’s program for $200 which goes towards the cost of meals, housing and programming materials.

Number of Sponsorships Given

125 Scholarships

Current Donors
Steve Arnold
Cory Baker
Ara Bartemes
Samantha Burgoon
Steph Clary
Lindsay Dauch
Jonathan & Ashley Digby
Cory Dippold
Nick Dominique
Brooke Donaldson
Maile Doyle
Amy Drab
Katie Ferren
Jaime Filzer
Nick Francis
Kaitlyn Fries
Ben Haas
Josh Haller
Joan & Mark Hauschalter
Bo Joost
Cassie Kurtz
John Laisure
Stefanie Lauer
Larry Lesick
Chris Madaras
Duff & Tekla Madaras
Caroline Mangan
Matt Maroon
John Massara
Kevin Miller
Deann Newman
Tyler O’Neal
Erin Osting
Nate Overmire
Eric Painting
Jakob Plummer
Melissa Rotblatt
Jeanne Rustic
David Schlaudecker
Jeff Schlaudecker
TJ Schemmel
Josh Senn
Annette Shaffer
Max Simon
April Smith
Annie Sobotka
Jae Sutherland
Jed Thorp
Kim Veal
Srinivasa Vemuru
Charles Webster
Heather Wegener
Elana Zalar
Zach Zychowicz

Whether your HOBY experience was as an ambassador, volunteer or as a family member, we can all look back and know what these four days mean to the student ambassadors and for some, how it changes lives. The 2017 Ambassador Sponsorship Campaign is your opportunity to give this experience to one particular sophomore from your alma mater, current area school or any school in need.

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